Protecting the unique needs of diverse families.

Based in Alpharetta, Georgia. Built for families. Swilling Family Law Firm delivers the practical guidance to help families achieve needed results.

“Melody & Raven were super nice to me from our first conversation about my family court matter. Melody eased every concern I had & literally made my days feel lighter. Family court is already a stressful situation and to have a winning team behind me gave me courage to stand up to my ex. I don’t know what I would’ve done without Melody’s help. I appreciate this firm so much!”

-Kanzada J.

“Melody was very helpful at explaining the legal terms that are thrown around during these cases. I never felt lost about all of the motions, filings, counter motions, discovery ect. Her and her team were always timely in their responses to me and no matter how much time may pass, if I reach out about any issues I’ve had since the case ended, Melody treats it just as important as she did when we were in the thick of it.

I feel we had a great outcome when It was all said and done and I’m grateful I had the lawyer I had in Melody. We were able to work it out in mediation which was no small task considering the circumstances of my case. And I left there feeling like we accomplished what we had set out to accomplish. No stones were ever left unturned and she rallied behind me no matter what. I’ll be continuing to use her in the future when needed.”

-Past Client

“Melody Swilling was an absolute bright shining star through the entire process. Melody offered a very high caliber of pragmatic advice, emotional support and guidance. She expertly processed a tremendous volume of documentation, streamlined it into a professional case that resulted in a very favorable outcome. 

Divorce and family law matters are rarely a pleasant experience, but if you do find yourself in the throws of family court I’d strongly recommend the services of Swilling Family Law Firm, LLC. This firm has the professional connections to field experts and compassionate reverence to navigate the most complex of family matters with world class skill.”

-Jessica C.

“Melody is one of the best in Atlanta. From the first meeting with her, I knew she understood what I was going through and was ready to protect my rights as a parent but also my livelihood. Through the entire process, even when it got contentious in settlement talks, she was always the calming voice in the room. She thinks outside the box to form the settlement agreement and parenting agreement that is best for her client. Melody and her team were responsive and wonderful to deal with, I would recommend her to anyone.”

-Allen S.

“Melody Swilling and team seamlessly helped me with my divorce. They were responsive, consultative, and knowledgeable. Highly recommend for any legal service you may need.”

-O. D’Angelo

Our Process


Listen intently to understand your exact situation.

Before we can help families reach their goals, we have to get to know where the family has been and where it wants to go. We need to get a clear picture, and that is only achieved by listening. Once we know your situation, we can get started on protecting it — and improving it.


Develop a strategic plan that addresses your needs.

This is where our experience, judgment and tenacity come into play. Your family is like no one else’s, but we’ve been around long enough to say with confidence that we’ve handled your type of situation successfully before and are ready to do it again.


Act deliberately. Execute confidently.

With a sound plan in place, we are ready to put that plan into execution, guiding you along the way from the initial filing and into the courtroom. We have the necessary experience – and the track record to back it up – to help advocate for you and your family.

Ready to listen.
Ready to work together.